Celebrate a century of Desser Furniture with us and take a look at the entire Desser range. We have been working with, and selling Desser furniture for over 20 years, so we know how far this company has come!

The Start...

During WWI Isaac Desser noticed the popularity of the basket trend in Belgium, and decided to bring this home with him to the UK. Isaac and his brother Simon began to set up market stalls near their home in Manchester, selling basket-ware…


The business was beginning to grow, and Morris Desser (Isaac’s son) travelled the UK and Europe to find the best products to sell.


Shopping and cookery baskets were truly popular during this decade!


Ronnie Stewart, Simon Desser’s Son-In-Law, joins the business; incorporating two families into the company.


Gordon Desser joins the business as a travelling salesman, attending the annual Canton Fair in China.


Desser moves home into a warehouse, office and manufacturing space that allows their business to grow even further. The 3rd generation of the family joins too, with Michael and Barry Stewart, who began working in the warehouse and soon became salesmen for the company.


Julian Desser joins the team, introducing the Desco Digest scheme, keeping all stuff up to date about the company. Simon joins too, initiating the 4th generation of family in the business.


Desser begins to import indoor rattan and cane furniture from Indonesia. Mark adds to the list, developing the sales team with more ideas to promote the company.


The Desser Manchester showroom opens to the public, which is still open today. David joins the team in 2017; the latest member of the 4th generation family of Desser