Desser Cane Furniture turn grey on their 100-year birthday!

By introducing grey versions of the Bali, Madrid, Turin and Dijon ranges, Desser have filled a gap in the market; contemporary cane furniture. Cane and rattan conservatory furniture has never looked so chic, and we are here to give you some tips to make these shades of grey look stunning in your home.

The 4 Shades...

Desser are offering 4 of their ranges with a grey twist, which is the leading colour in the contemporary market. The Bali range is one of the most traditional cane ranges, which has been modernised by this colour alteration, though still upholds the best qualities of the classic cane style. Its sleek armrests and unique cane patterning attunes this range to a classic look, but the addition of a grey coating allows you to bring it out of this conformity, and into the modern world. The grey edition of Desser Cane Furniture’s Madrid range, again, brings it further into the contemporary scene. In a similar sense to the Desser Bali, the Madrid features sleek cane armrests and unique cane designs around the sides. The Desser Dijon range, in grey, is ideal for those looking for a great deal of modernity, as the universal woven rattan makes this very versatile. Its low back removes it from the classic look of cane furniture, giving it a relaxing feel. Finally, our personal favourite, the Desser Turin. In our showroom we have paired this with ‘Athena Stripe’ cushions, and would recommend adding a coffee table, lamp table and footstool to make this a set. The Turin promotes a great combination of sleek cane and woven rattan, which makes a great statement piece.

Choosing Fabrics...

When choosing from the great range of Desser fabrics, we want to ensure you choose the best one to compliment this colour. From the B grade section, we recommend pairing with ‘Flora’ or ‘Pebble’, as these promote neutral and cool tones that will truly magnify the beauty of the grey frame. From the C grades, with a greater selection, we recommend ‘Athena Stripe’ and ‘Athena Plain’, as well as ‘Loom Stone’, ‘Sing’ and ‘Yang’. If you are willing to spend that little bit more, we assure you that it will be worth the cost, as the D grade fabrics are stunning. Pair the grey frame with ‘Jazz Grey’ or ‘Mesh Grey’ for a classy look.

The Best way to go Grey:

The best thing about grey is its versatility; there are so many colours and patterns to pair it with that your list of options is endless, but this is why it needs narrowing down. The new grey colouring of the Desser ranges is darker than lighter, which is why we advise choosing lighter-coloured cushions and accessories to make this the stand out feature. It is possible to go too dark with grey if you are not careful, so be sure to keep the wall colour light (perhaps white or a very light grey). The most important thing to remember is CHOOSE ONE COMPLIMENTARY COLOUR AND STICK WITH IT! It is too easy to get carried away with adding colours to grey. We believe the simplicity of grey as a colour is its best feature. It is sleek, chic and stylish, so don’t overpower with too much. LESS IS ALWAYS MORE, remember this. Work around your Desser furniture, and don’t hide its beauty with too much. Your suite should be the feature of your room, so let everything be controlled by this, not vice versa.